Who Stole My Doughnut?

‘Who Stole My Doughnut’ is one of the most popular music theory games on my website and I have had some really lovely feedback about it.

Simon bought himself a very tasty doughnut but had to leave his desk before he could eat it. When he came back it was gone!

Following the musical clues leads to a list of suspects that Simon works with. Work with Detective Dan and eliminate each possible doughnut thief one by one – until you are left with the culprit!

This beginner theory game was slightly inspired by my two mischievous dogs who have been known to help themselves to any food on offer when my back is turned! Working out which one did the crime is not always easy!

Sign up for free to play this game here – or if you are a music teacher you might be interested in a free teacher account.

I hope you enjoy trying to solve the mystery!

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