Teacher Code

We aim to provide a safe music study environment and take the privacy of our users seriously. If you are a music teacher and have a Teacher account, we ask you to agree to follow the Teacher Code below.

When adding students …

  • Your students cannot be added without their permission. It is the responsibility of the teacher to get permission from their students (by following the instructions in the Teacher Dashboard) before adding them to the website.
  • If the student is under 18, consent should be gained from the parent or guardian instead.
  • If the student is under 18, use the email address of the parent or guardian.
  • Only add your own students currently having lessons with you and each time you add a student it is for one user only – please do not use one account for multiple users.
  • Please do not use your own personal account with your students. Use the facilities within the Teacher Dashboard to set them up with their own personal accounts. Some packs, however, are teacher specific (such as the Multiplayer pack) and these are called ‘Studio’ packs. These can be used by one teacher with their own students during lessons (but one Studio pack cannot be used by multiple teachers). It is stated in the product description if this is the case.
  • Teachers should keep their permissions in a safe place.

Using the teacher facilities …

  • Only send messages relating to music study through the teacher-student email feature.
  • Keep all student activity confidential including any quiz scores.

Passing on costs …

  • If you purchase a paid teacher pack, you may pass on the cost to your student but acknowledge that this will be no more than the price advertised on this Website for an individual pack and you will clearly state the cost to the student beforehand.
  • This Website does not have any involvement in financial transactions between teachers and students/parents/guardians.

Removing students …

  • You can remove students from the free pack by using the facilities within the Teacher Dashboard but it is not possible to remove students added to paid packs. This action will remove the student from your group and free Teacher Pack but not from the main website. If students wish to be removed from the main website, please ask them to use the Removal Form.
  • Once you have added a student to a paid pack it is not possible to transfer their account and remaining time to another student.

Teachers who do not follow the Teacher Code will be removed from the Website
Date code last updated: 2nd October 2017