Take cover from those pesky pirates!

I had to smile when playing a music theory game with one of my students the other day …


We were playing a beginner piano game to ‘Save The Island’ from the pirates. She got so immersed in it that when the pirates fired on us from their ships she ducked for cover! But then so did I!

It must have been quite an amusing site for any onlookers to see us both hiding under the piano keys from an ipad!

I teach a lot of young beginner piano students of a similar age to this student and lessons often start with the question, “can we play a game”?!

One in particular sits down on the piano stool every week and immediately asks to create a superhero. It always has to be a girl superhero and the outfit must contain the colour pink!

What they don’t realise is that these games contain some serious learning in disguise. Games like this give me the opportunity to test understanding and reinforce certain things we have been learning in the lesson.

I love it when learning becomes effortless and so much fun!

You can find out more about both of these games here.


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