The Blue Raven (Teacher Group)

£8.99 £7.99

This version of the music pack needs a Teacher Account

  • Set the number of students
  • Give your group a name (existing groups skip this).
  • Return to the Teacher Dashboard after checkout to continue setting up your group
  • Find out more about The Blue Raven here



What is a ‘Teaching Group’

Students can either visit the main shop to buy a music pack themselves, or alternatively music teachers can set up a ‘Teaching Group’.

  • Creating a ‘Teaching Group’ allows the teacher to add their own students to a music pack
  • Students are automatically sent log-in details to access the games in the pack
  • Teachers can view a snapshot of their progress and activity
  • Feel free to pass on the costs to your students in line with the Teacher Code
  • Full instructions to set things up can be found in the Teacher Dashboard

Important Information

Please note that creating teaching groups confirms you agree to the following:

  • You agree to follow the Teacher Code
  • Permission is needed from your students (or parents/guardians if under 18) when adding them to a teaching group. Please use the form in the Teacher Dashboard
  • Each purchase of a student seat or ‘user registration’ in your Teaching Group is licensed for ONE student only
  • If there is a PDF file included, only one printout or download is allowed per purchase. Music teachers are not permitted to use one copy of a music pack or a PDF file for multiple students and each student should have their own copy.
  • Please note that all music packs have an expiry date and if there are codes to unlock in a game, students are given a maximum number of unsuccessful attempts (see the link above to the main product page for details). After this time a Breakout Token will be needed for further attempts.