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Free Music Pack – Register for your Teacher’s Group


If you would like to register for this website and join your own music teacher’s group(s), please read the terms below (under ‘Description’), and then click “add to basket” to create an account. Once registered, please print (or forward) a copy of the ‘Order Receipt’ form sent to your email and give to your teacher.



  • We ask all music teachers to get your permission before adding you to one of their music groups.
  • Please read the following before creating your account
  • If you would like to join without being added to your teacher’s group(s), please click here.

Terms for joining your music teacher’s group(s)

By adding this pack to your account and registering for this website you confirm you would like to be added to your music teacher’s group(s) and have read and agree to the following terms:

  • This website aims to create a safe learning environment and asks all teachers to ensure they have your permission (or your parent or guardian’s permission if under 18) before adding you to any of their teaching groups.
  • We ask all users under the age of 18 to use a parent or guardian’s email address for registration.
  • Once you have registered you will be emailed an ‘order receipt’ – please print or forward to your music teacher (if it doesn’t arrive check your spam folder). Your teacher will then be able to add you to their group(s).
  • Your teacher agreed on sign up to follow a Teacher Code.
  • Your account is private to you but your teacher will be able to view your activity on the site, including any quiz scores.
  • The only information visible to users other than your teacher will be your achievements on a site leaderboard (including username, overall points total, ranking and badges earned).
  • Your username will also be included in any comments you might make. All comments are moderated before being published.
  • Your teacher has the ability to send you study related messages via the website.
  • If your teacher adds you to a paid music pack, they agreed on sign-up to charge you no more than the cost of the pack as advertised on this website.
  • You can be removed from your teacher’s group at any time by contacting us. If there is any time remaining in any paid pack your teacher added you to, it cannot be transferred to your own personal student account.
  • You can also be removed from the website completely by visiting
  • You have read the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of this website (links in the footer). We only ever use your details to administer your account and will never pass them to any third party for any reason, unless required by law.