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* We ask teachers to agree to follow a TEACHER CODE and setting up a teacher account confirms you have read and agree to abide by it.

We have bundled collections of games and other resources into ‘music packs’ to make life easier for busy music teachers and add fun to learning. There are two types of pack available including ‘Studio Packs’ which are ideal for lessons, as well as ‘Teacher Group Packs’ which allow you to add your own students and view a snapshot of progress. The Teacher Dashboard includes everything you need to set things up.

1. Studio Packs

Games designed for music teachers. Play ‘Don’t Wake Lenny’, ‘Apple Rocket’, ‘Secret Letter’ and more with your students in lessons (many are customisable to tailor to each student). Studio Packs can be purchased individually or become a Studio Teacher to access a selection at a discounted price.


2. Add your students to a ‘Teacher Group Pack’

Games designed for students to practice theory and more – perfect for home use. Use the facilities in the Teacher Dashboard to create a teaching group of your own students centred around a music pack and view progress and activity as they play.


3. Play music mystery adventures and more …

Are any of your students budding detectives? As well as music theory games, check out music mysteries to make learning fun. Create a teaching group based around ‘Who Ate My Cake’ or ‘The Lost Diamond’ and follow the clues in the printable sheet music and accompanying online games to solve the case!