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Our versatile studio packs have been designed especially for music teachers to use in lessons. Inspire and motivate your students by playing games like ‘Don’t Wake Lenny’ and ‘Apple Rocket’ to reinforce what they are learning. Some are customisable and allow you to tailor the game to the individual student.

Add extra fun by setting up a leaderboard competition in your music studio with the downloadable templates!

Please check out what is included below. To ensure a safe learning environment for all users, we ask teachers to follow a Teacher Code.


A ‘Studio Teacher’ account gives you one years discounted access to all the studio packs on this website which are full of fun music games and ideal for teachers to use in music lessons. You also get first access to any new studio packs released (for the remainder of your subscription) and there is no obligation to subscribe again the following year as it is not automatically renewed.

It currently includes:


This is a customisable pack of games where the teacher can choose which notes to focus on in each question. Ask students to play, name the notes or anything else you wish in this flexible pack.

Section 1: the teacher choose five notes at the start which then appear in a random order in the question cards

  • Don’t Wake Lenny: collect as many precious gems as you dare – but don’t wake Lenny the sleeping lion! A leaderboard game.
  • Fruit Ninja: fly the little watermelon to safety and avoid the fruit ninjas. A game of perfect timing!
  • Garbage Monsters: are you brave enough to turn over the next monster bin? Collect points in this leaderboard game – just don’t turn over a red monster!

Section 2: a collection of games where teachers can choose any notes in each question card by dragging them up or down the stave

  • The King and the Thief: creep through the castle corridor reclaiming the treasure King John stole – but don’t wake up the dozing Knights
  • Supercow: fly Sally the Supercow through the obstacles and complete her flight training. Just try not to give her a headache! A leaderboard game.
  • Emoji Lab: score enough points in the questions round to enter the lab and create your own emoji!

Section 3: includes some simple rhythms in time signatures of 2, 3 or 4 beats in a bar (uses 1, 2, 3 and 4 beat notes). Drag the note values on to the stave in any position you wish.

  • Don’t Catch The Penguins: the title says it all! Collect as many gems as possible but watch out for those sliding penguins.
  • Basketball: shoot some hoops to score points. The longer you wait the more points you score – but don’t wait too long or the timer runs out!


A collection of two player games (some work well in a classroom setting in teams). Includes music theory topics such as note and rest values, time signatures, musical signs, general theory, treble clef, and bass clef notes.

  • Golden Staircasethe player or team who climbs the furthest up the staircase and collects the most gemstones wins in this treble clef note naming game.
  • Secret Letter: hide the secret letter for the other player or team to find! A treble clef note naming game.
  • Stegosaurus Snap: tap your stegosaurus before the other player in this two player game of treble snap.
  • Snowman: collect snowmen – but careful – it’s easy to lose them too! A treble clef game.
  • Save The Chocolate: work as a team to save the chocolate melting! A bass clef game for two players or teams.
  • Snakes and Ladders: a classic game using bass notes for two players or a team. Climb up the ladders but watch out for the snakes!
  • Animal Tic Tac Toe: it’s hippo against monkey in this ‘three in a row’ two player game. Uses bass clef notes.
  • Beat The Teacher Bass: beat the teacher (or a parent or friend!) by naming the most bass clef notes against the clock.
  • Bouncing Frogs: who’s frog will bounce the furthest in this time signatures game for two players or teams? Uses time signatures of 2, 3 and 4 beats in a bar plus 1, 2, 3 and 4 beat notes.
  • Ten Pin Bowling: Highest scorer wins by knocking down the most pins. Uses time signatures of 2, 3 and 4 beats in a bar plus half, 1, 2, 3 and 4 beat notes.
  • Target T-Rex: hit the spinning target with the arrows to score points but don’t land on a T-Rex! A musical maths game for two players or teams using 1, 2, 3 and 4 beat notes.
  • Dinghy Duel: take to the water with your boats and try to beat each other in a dinghy duel! Uses rests and note values of half, 1, 2, 3 and 4 beats.
  • Squares and Rows: two games to choose from … roll the dice to draw lines and make musical squares or try to get four in a row. Both games use 1, 2, 3 and 4 beat notes.
  • Space Rollercoaster: a general music theory game with a mix of questions – have you got enough fuel to get the furthest around the space rollercoaster? Watch out for aliens!
  • Bucket Bats: another general mix of theory questions – catch more than 3 bats in your bucket and it’s game over!
  • Wise Old Owl: race to the finish and prove who is the wisest owl. A two or team player game using beginner musical signs and notation.


Many of the flashcard games and activities in this online pack give the teacher the choice of either setting the notes or drawing on screen (making them ideal for practising musical signs).

  • Pharaoh Fred: you are in Ancient Egypt and disguise yourself as a mummy! Swim down the river hiding in a barrel and collect the treasure that Pharaoh Fred stole from you. Can you reach the final pyramid without hitting the waves and losing your treasure? Teachers can pick three notes to add to each flashcard in this game (or draw on screen).
  • Apple Rocket: watch your apples fly through the air (hopefully!). Pick flashcards to either answer questions, launch the rocket or lose apples and score more than 250 points to win. Teachers can choose any notes in each question by dragging the notes up and down the stave into position.
  • Sleepy Robots: Help Sneaky Stan complete his mission and creep past the sleepy robots. Wake up four robots and it’s game over! Teachers or students can draw on the screen in the questions, in any clef.
  • Track Racer: this is a leaderboard game. Send your car around the track, picking up points along the way, but don’t land on an empty fuel tank or you lose all your points! There are 8 flashcards in this game and choose any two notes in each card by dragging the notes. The pairs of notes in this game can be useful for interval note reading.
  • Flying Fish: you are a flying fish and your mission is to be as high up as possible when the game ends! Perhaps you could get students to try and beat their own score each week. Choose any three notes in each question (or draw on screen).
  • Melody Minor the Miner: can you get your miner out of the mine with more than 50 precious jewels or will Melody Minor blow it up?! Choose any three notes in each question (or draw on screen).
  • Hot Chilli: five hot chillis and it’s game over! The notes have already been added to these flashcards and you can choose either treble or bass clef notes (or draw on screen).
  • Alien Beam Up: stop the aliens from leaving the planet by naming the notes correctly. Like Hot Chilli, the notes have already been added. Use these flashcards in any way you wish – name the notes, play them or any other fun ways you can think of (or draw on screen).
  • Stone Age Bingo: tools are more important than money in the stone age! Play as Fred or Joe the cavemen and see who has the most tools at the end of the game. This is a two player game for teacher versus student (or two students).



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