STUDIO Teacher


Become a ‘Studio Teacher’ and access a great value bundle of ‘studio’ game packs perfect for music teaching!

  • Designed for use in lessons
  • Great for in person and majority work well online
  • Many can be customised to suit the individual student
  • Drag notes up or down the stave
  • Drawing on screen activities
  • Play multiplayer games with students
  • Use the leaderboard template for extra motivation!

Please check out what is included below. To ensure a safe learning environment for all users, we ask teachers to follow a Teacher Code.


What is included?

A ‘Studio Teacher’ account gives you one years discounted access to ALL of the studio packs on this website. These are full of fun music games and designed for teachers to use in music lessons. There is no obligation to subscribe again the following year as it is not automatically renewed.

Studio Teacher accounts currently include the following music packs full of games and activities (please click on each one to find out more):

Set up a studio leaderboard competition

Some of the studio packs (Flashcard Fun, Fun Reader and Beginner Piano) include games which are are absolutely ideal for having a challenge or competition between your students. Pin up the printable templates in your music room, use little post it notes to record scores, and watch as students are motivated to reach the top. Check out my leaderboards here


Important Information

A subscription to ‘Studio Teacher’ gives access for one teacher to use with their own students for one year. One teacher can use the games with all their students but multiple teachers cannot use a single Studio Teacher account.



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