STUDIO: Beginner Piano


A collection of customisable online games ideal for music teachers to use in lessons. Complements any piano tutor book to reinforce learning.

  • Fun and engaging games
  • Versatile with teacher choice
  • Adapt to suit the individual student
  • Finger numbers, time values, signs and more
  • Created by experienced teacher


Customisable games for teachers

Are you looking for ways to make learning fun right from the first piano lesson? This collection of games complements any tutor book, allows the teacher to set questions to suit the individual, and are ideal for young beginner pianists. Topics include finger numbers, the musical alphabet, beginner time values and time signatures, piano keys and music notes on stave.

Ideal for music lessons

  • This is a ‘studio’ pack for music teachers and has been designed for use in music lessons.
  • The games in this pack work great for both in person lessons and most work for online teaching too. Using a platform like zoom, teachers can share their screen with students to play and control all aspects of the game from their end.
  • Studio packs give access for one teacher to use with their own students for one year.
  • These games can also be found in the Studio Teacher pack.
  • Read my blog post about it here

List of games

  • Fairground: top the leaderboard by trying your luck on the toy grabber machine. A piano keys game.
  • Train Station: there is a job going at the train station but will you get hired or fired? Includes a printable certificate for students who are successful! A musical alphabet game.
  • March of the Ants: how far will your ant climb up the ant trail? A leaderboard game but watch out for the anteater! A finger number game.
  • Aliens Love Pizza: the cheeky aliens are hiding in the space station food cupboards stealing pizza meant for the astronauts! Several question options for beginners to choose from.
  • Sleeping Dragons: help William the Wizard make it to the castle in the clouds but watch out for the sleeping dragons. Wake three up and it’s game over. A time signatures or time values game.
  • Starfish: make it to the treasure box and collect as many starfish as you can! Careful though – you don’t want to land on a shark! A musical signs game.
  • Emoji Lab: enter the lab to create your own emoji but only if you score enough points in the quiz. A notation game (treble and bass staves with draggable notes).



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