Notecracker Treble – Students –

Notecracker Treble – Students

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Improve your treble clef note reading the fun way!

Notecracker Treble is an online pack of music theory games to practice note naming in the treble clef. Crack the musical codes in games like “Flappy Benny The Bat” or “Piranha Peril” and complete the challenge!

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Music teachers receive a special discount when setting up a teaching group for this pack. Sign up for a free teacher account and follow the instructions in the Teacher Dashboard to purchase this pack and add your students to it.


Improve your note reading with games like ‘Trap Door’ or ‘Pumpkin Mash’ and complete the Notecracker challenge!

  • Every game has a musical code to unlock
  • Crack the codes to complete the pack and earn the Notecracker badge and points
  • The codes are made up of notes to name
  • A list of games in this pack can be found by clicking on the tab above

Each pack purchase gives 12 months access and three chances to unlock each code.


This pack uses notes on the lines and spaces of the stave in the treble clef.

  • Flappy Benny The Bat: guide Benny safely through the night and watch out for those trees! Have you got what it takes to make it to the end and top the leaderboard?!
  • Trap Door: fearless Fred the Knight is searching for treasure in an abandoned castle. But there are hidden trap doors just waiting to swallow Fred and the treasure!
  • Piranha Peril: keep your submarine away from the scary piranha as you travel under the ocean.
  • Waterfall Maze: can you make it through the maze to the waterfall? Lose points every time you touch the sides and try to top the leaderboard.
  • Pumpkin Mash: you have 40 seconds to hide all the pumpkins from the witch before she turns the poor things into mash! You really need to know your note names well to succeed in this mission.
  • Storyteller: complete the stories with your own words
  • Space Race: send the astronaut across the galaxy but watch out for aliens and asteroids
  • Fishy Fours: the aim of the game is to get four fish in a row but the whale is hoping to stop you.
  • Composer or Food: are you the “one in a melon” who can pass this quiz with full marks? Or will you not want to “taco” about it because you failed?
  • Space Rocket Snap: represent the human race and take on the aliens with a game of snap using spaceships and rockets.
  • Short Story: name the notes to make musical words and complete the story
  • Time Out Treble: the final challenge is to name notes against the clock and try to top the leaderboard!


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    5 out of 5

    Katie Sowter

    Amazing. Very helpful way to improve note naming.

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