Theory: Notecracker Bass


Improve your bass clef note reading the fun way!

Notecracker Bass is an online pack of music theory games to practice note naming in the bass clef. Crack the musical codes in games like “Space Dodgems” or “School Escape” and complete the challenge!


Music teachers receive a special discount when setting up a teaching group for this pack. Sign up for a free teacher account and follow the instructions in the Teacher Dashboard to purchase this pack and add your students to it.


Improve your note reading with games like ‘Space Dodgems’ or ‘Robot Rebellion’ and complete the Notecracker challenge!

  • Every game has a musical code to unlock
  • Crack the codes to complete the pack and earn the Notecracker badge and points
  • The codes are made up of notes to name
  • A list of games in this pack can be found by clicking on the tab above

Each pack purchase gives 12 months access and three chances to unlock each code.


This pack uses notes on the lines and spaces of the stave in the bass clef.

  • Space Dodgems: keep your spaceship away from your opponent for as long as possible to score points
  • Ten Pin Bowling: take on Joey at ten pin bowling – he hates to lose!
  • Superhero Training: help Superhero Sam complete his flight training – but watch out for the logs! This is a leaderboard game.
  • Goalie: enter the football penalty shootout championship against Team Vivace
  • Hide and Seek: it is dark in the depths of the forest but can you find the monster?!
  • Puzzle Master: will you be crowned ‘Puzzle Master’ and top the leaderboard? Complete the puzzles in the quickest time possible to score the most points.
  • Fearless Fred: can you help Fearless Fred reach the other side of the village and avoid the falling rocks?
  • Teacher in Space:  send a teacher of your choice to space if you know your note names! Just don’t send your music teacher!
  • School Escape: the school has been locked by the wicked headmaster, Mr Bomble, who has set extra homework. The lovely and kind music teacher has left notes around the school to help you escape! Can you decipher her messages and escape the school?
  • Robot Rebellion: save the world from the robots – but only if you know your bass clef notes well enough
  • Time Out Bass: go up against the clock and try to top the leaderboard


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