Note Genius (Treble) - Teachers -

Note Genius (Treble) – Teachers

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Unlock the genius codes and move up the levels in this treble note naming pack! See more important information below but to create your group, please put the number of students you would like to add to it in the box below.



Create a teaching group for Note Genius and add your own students (price shown is per student – special teacher discount already applied). Your group gets 12 months access to the music pack and three chances to unlock the genius code in each quiz. It covers notes on the lines and spaces of the stave (from low E to high F) in the treble clef.

Read some lovely comments about Susan’s music resources and her teaching here

  • Note Genius helps your students practice note naming in the treble clef
  • There are six levels to complete and each gets progressively more difficult
  • Unlock the genius codes in each quiz to move up the levels (includes three chances to unlock each code!)
  • Earn ‘level up’ and other badges as well as points along the way
  • Collect all six level badges to earn the Note Genius Quest Badge and unlock your certificate
  • Also available as a single student pack


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