Mystery: Who Ate My Cake (Treble Instruments)


An interactive musical mystery for treble clef instruments like the flute, saxophone or clarinet. Learn the music, search for hidden clues and work out ‘Who Ate My Cake’!

  • Six original pieces with accompanying online game
  • Rule out the suspects one by one!
  • Look for patterns and more in the sheet music to solve the crime
  • Search the rooms of the castle in the game
  • Will the ‘Suspicious Statues’ help you?!
  • Check out a short video demo here!

Please read more information before purchase below.



  • This is the treble instruments version of Who Ate My Cake and includes two PDF sets of the sheet music to suit your instrument. Set one is for instruments like the flute or saxophone and set two is for instruments like the clarinet (please see the Music Teacher Guide below for which notes are used in each set).
  • Who Ate My Cake is also available separately for piano at both beginner and also early elementary levels.

Who is your prime suspect?

Make learning your instrument fun with this interactive mystery! The clues to work out who stole the King’s cake are hidden not only in the game, but also in the accompanying sheet music. Check out a short video demo here!

“At around 2 p.m on Thursday Mrs Sponge, the cook of Cherrywood Castle, told King Bomblebeard she had made his favourite cake and left it in the kitchen. The King went out for the afternoon but when he returned his cake had mysteriously vanished! Rule out the suspects one by one (using the sheet music and online game) until you have worked out who ate the cake …”


What is included?

  • a printable PDF file of sheet music (there are six pieces) and there are two sets to choose from – the music teacher download below gives more information about each set
  • two accompanying online interactive games full of clues to explore which students can access for three months from the date of purchase – work out how to get past the guard in part one and explore the castle in part two
  • a printable certificate if you work out who ate the cake!

Please also see the ‘Music Teacher Guide’ and ‘Important Information’ below.

The Sheet Music

Students learn the music and use it to work out important clues. Whilst searching for patterns, note names and more, each piece reveals a hidden code to unlock evidence in Cherrywood Castle. All six pieces have been composed by teacher of 20+ years, Susan Leigh.

  • Who Ate My Cake?
  • Suspicious Statues
  • Secrets of the Suits of Armour
  • A Piano Can Tell a Story
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Grandmother’s Jewellery Box

Important Information

Both parts of the interactive music book and online game for ‘Who Ate My Cake’ are licensed for one student and only one printout of each book is allowed per purchase. Access to the online game is for three months from date of purchase for a single user. Each user gets two chances to enter the castle and one chance to guess the person who ate the cake. This also applies to music teachers purchasing the resource for their own students (please visit the Teacher Dashboard to buy the resource for your students). You do not have permission to use this single resource with multiple students and each student should have their own copy. Thank you for your understanding.



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