STUDIO: Multiplayer


A ‘studio‘ pack of beginner music theory games which are ideal for playing in music lessons. Go ‘Bowling’, see who is the best hider in ‘Secret Letter’ or watch out for aliens in ‘Space Rollercoaster’!

  • Beginner level for two players
  • Some work well with team play
  • Play in music lessons to improve theory!
  • Time signatures and time values
  • Musical signs and accidental signs
  • Treble and bass clef notes
  • Play with two students or a teacher, parent or friend
  • Detailed preview here

Please see below for more information


Studio Licence

This music pack comes with a ‘Studio Licence’. 

  • One music teacher can use the online resources and printable downloads with any students having lessons with them until access expires. If purchasing for a studio, each single music teacher should have their own copy.
  • Access to the online game or resource is for one year from date of purchase for a single music teacher and licences do not automatically renew.


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