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Music teachers … play games like ‘Supercow’ and ‘Fruit Ninja’ with your students and pick any five notes in the question cards! Ask students to play, name the notes or anything else you wish in this flexible pack.  

  • Fun and engaging games
  • Versatile with teacher choice
  • Motivate with leaderboards
  • Make note reading exciting!
  • Created by an experienced teacher

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This is a ‘studio’ pack for music teachers and gives access for one teacher to use with their own students for one yearIt can also be found in the Studio Teacher pack.


A lot of these games are ideal for a music studio challenge or competition. Download and print the leaderboard template included in the pack and motivate students to beat the top score!

SECTION 1: the music teacher choose five notes at the start which then appear in a random order in the question cards (with the option to adjust notes if you wish)

  • Don’t Wake Lenny: collect as many precious gems as you dare – but don’t wake Lenny the sleeping lion! A leaderboard game.
  • Fruit Ninja: fly the little watermelon to safety and avoid the fruit ninjas. A game of perfect timing!
  • Garbage Monsters: are you brave enough to turn over the next monster bin? Collect points in this leaderboard game – just don’t turn over a red monster!

SECTION 2: a collection of games where teachers can choose any notes in each question card by dragging them up or down the stave

  • The King and the Thief: creep through the castle corridor reclaiming the treasure King John stole – but don’t wake up the dozing Knights
  • Treasure in the Desert: search for treasure but watch out for snakes!
  • Supercow: fly Sally the Supercow through the obstacles and complete her flight training. Just try not to give her a headache! A leaderboard game.

SECTION 3: includes some simple rhythms in time signatures of 2, 3 or 4 beats in a bar (uses 1, 2, 3 and 4 beat notes). Drag the note values on to the stave in any position you wish.

  • Don’t Catch The Penguins: the title says it all! Collect as many gems as possible but watch out for those sliding penguins.
  • Basketball: shoot some hoops to score points. The longer you wait the more points you score – but don’t wait too long or the timer runs out!


1 review for STUDIO: Fun Reader

  1. 5 out of 5

    Isabelle Wilson

    This is outstanding ! It is very helpful and educational for beginners and upwards

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