Frog Hop: printable game


A printable downloadable game for teachers, ideal for use in music lessons.

  • Practice steps and skips
  • Colourful and fun game board
  • Make it across the pond
  • But watch out for the ducks!
  • Find out more below

Available from Tim Topham’s ‘Top Music Marketplace’. The button below takes you to Tim’s website for purchase.



This printable game is the fun way to test steps and skips. Can students make it to the final lily pad in time or will they get scared by the ducks?!

After purchase you will receive a PDF file with the following game resources to print out:

  • a fun colourful game board
  • game cards pre-filled with steps and skips in the Middle C hand position for both treble and bass clefs
  • blank game cards with a piano stave if you wish to add your own steps and skips in different positions
  • duck game cards
  • instructions with how to play (two alternative sets of rules to allow for both identifying and playing steps and skips) and a printable frog counter to cut out and move around the board


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