Free Music Pack - Teachers -

Free Music Pack – Teachers


This process lets you create your own teaching group in the Free Music Pack – please enter the number of students you would like to start with in the quantity box below.


Important notes about this music pack …

  • You will need a FREE teacher account to add your students to this pack.
  • To find out more about the free resources your students will be able to access on this site please click here.
  • Please note that at sign-up we only ask both you and your students for your name and email address (and to maintain a safe learning environment we ask you to first be verified as a teacher and agree to follow the teacher code) and these are used to administer your account. We never pass your personal information onto third parties for marketing purposes. Please read our privacy policy here.


Music theory, scales and more …

There are a large selection of completely FREE music resources on this website and they are all available in this music pack! Take beginner to grade 5 theory games and quizzes, and see if you can figure out ‘Who Stole Simon’s Doughnut’. You could even send a teacher to space or try and ‘Escape The House’!

Created by experienced music teacher of 20+ years, Susan Leigh. Click below to view some of the lovely comments about Susan’s music resources and teaching.

Check out the two player games so you can take on your music teacher, parent or friend! Looking for a fun way to practice your scales? Try Spin The Wheel (includes a blank wheel for you to create your own!) and scale games like Planet Scales where you can hitch a lift with a friendly alien. There is even a Rhythm Lotto Machine!

As well as this FREE student pack, there is a FREE pack for music teachers which allows you to add your own students and view a snapshot of their activity.


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