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This is a support package providing mentoring for the DipABRSM Teaching Diploma by Susan Leigh MA LRSM LLCM DipABRSM ALCM(TD) FISM.

Susan has run a successful teaching studio in the UK for over twenty years and enjoys helping other teachers on their journey towards diploma status. Please see below for more details of what is included (it is advisable to contact Susan before purchase to discuss first).



Support from an experienced teacher

I am a music teacher of over twenty years experience and very much enjoy mentoring for music teaching diplomas. This package offers support for the DipABRSM Teaching diploma via distance learning.

Every teacher is unique and I have always been keen to tailor my teaching to the individual. We begin by finding out more about you as a teacher, and then form a personalised plan to work through the various elements of the exam, using my online resources plus communication via email.

My specialisms are flute and piano but I also teach clarinet and saxophone and I have guided students through both teaching and performance diplomas with the ABRSM, London College of Music and ICMI examination boards.

I have much experience of academic essay writing, having been educated to Masters level, and have also successfully completed five different music teaching diplomas (plus a performance diploma at licentiate level). More about my teaching can be found here.


Comments from Susan’s students

I have received many lovely comments from students over the years (more can be found here) and below are a few from those who have taken music diplomas with me.

“Just a little something to say a BIG thank you for all the help you have given me during the past months. I have really enjoyed the experience” ABRSM diploma candidate

“Thanks so much for your excellent advice that enabled me to get a distinction in my DipABRSM. I still can’t believe it!” ABRSM diploma candidate

“Your patience, encouragement and teaching has taken me from first trying to get a note out of a saxophone, through all the grades, including music theory to a diploma! You have been so lovely to have as a teacher. I genuinely appreciate you. Your help with my compositions also meant a lot! I think where you have musically got me to is a big achievement and I will miss my lessons. You only ever had a smile and warm words to offer and I will remember that if I ever go into teaching myself” London College of Music diploma candidate

What does support include?

In summary, this package is for a maximum of 16 weeks continuous teacher support (starting from the date of purchase) and includes my guidance as well as access to online support materials (access to the online pack is for a maximum of six months). If you need further help after this time we can arrange an extension package.

If you have any questions before taking out this package please feel free to contact me at any time. Please note you will need to have certain prerequisites before the ABRSM will let you take this exam (grade 8 in your instrument and grade 6 theory – although there are alternatives listed in their syllabus) and this package does not include guidance for these.

1. Email support for the Written Submission: 

The Written Submission is 1,800 words on a topic chosen from a prescribed list. I will guide you through the process from start to completion.

  • Step one:

The first step will be a discussion by email of possible topics to choose from (unless you have already chosen) and helping you pick a topic best suited to your experience and strengths.

  • Step two onwards:

We then split the process up and this usually fits into four phases or drafts. As part of this package, I will guide you through this by email and give any feedback after each draft.

  • The final submission:

Once we are both happy with the submission content, the final stage is to format it correctly and add footnotes, bibliography and check all sources are correctly attributed. My online pack gives help and advice with this and I will also give your submission a final check at the end.

2. Teaching Skills Support: 

A major part of the exam is the Viva Voce or discussion with the examiners about your approaches to teaching. I offer guided research and support as follows.

  • Music pack full of materials:

Six months access to my online materials pack which is designed to help you think about topics related to the Teaching Skills section of the exam. It includes diploma style questions to help you explore the subject of music teaching, suggested reading and tips as a starting point for your studies.

Topics include repertoire and resources, practice, motivation, lesson planning, forms of assessment, learning styles, style and interpretation, professional values and practice, and much more.

  • Help with your grade 6 pieces:

You are also given access to my grade 6 resource in the online pack which is designed to help you think about teaching aspects relating to the three pieces you choose for the exam. It includes general diploma style questions to help you focus your research.

  • Online or in person sessions:

As part of the package we can arrange, if you wish, a session to focus on each of your three grade 6 pieces in detail. I will prepare beforehand diploma style questions for you to answer on the spot and afterwards offer any feedback. This is best done in person, but if you are not able to visit me for a lesson then we can either try to arrange an online session (perhaps using Skype, Facetime, or other video based platform) or use email.

  • Email support: 

I may also ask you to send me certain parts of your research by email for the duration of the support package. Part of this might include recordings of sight-reading (if you are willing!) to help you prepare for the quick study test.


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