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Codebreaker 5 – Teachers

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Are you looking to (a) cut down on marking and (b) give your students a fun way to revise for their grade 5 theory? Please see more important information below but to create your group, add the number of student seats you would like to purchase for it in the box.


Read some lovely comments about Susan’s music resources and her teaching here

Codebreaker 5 is the fun way to test your students’ grade 5 theory knowledge. This online music pack covers a wide variety of topics, including intervals, key signatures, time signatures, chords, cadences and more.

Students unlock musical codes and move through the levels. They are only given a clue to the code if they pass the quiz and the clue is a musical term definition (e.g. ‘at a moderate walking pace’) plus three possible answers (e.g. ‘lento’, ‘allegro’, ‘andante’).  A great way to help them learn their terms!

View student progress in the Teacher Dashboard and easily see who has grasped the topic and managed to unlock the codes.

Access to this online music pack is for 12 months with three chances to unlock each musical code (special teacher discount already applied).


  • LEVEL 1: Clefs
  • LEVEL 2: Keys and Accidentals
  • LEVEL 3: Scales
  • LEVEL 4: Time
  • LEVEL 5: Intervals and Transposition
  • LEVEL 6: Chords and Cadences
  • LEVEL 7: Musical Terms
  • LEVEL 8: General Questions


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