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Bespoke Groups


Are you a school with multiple classes? We can manually set up groups or classes in the free music pack (up to a maximum of 20 groups per purchase). This way you will be able to organise students by several classes or groups rather than as one big group. Please see below for more important information.


How it works:

You will need a free teacher account with access to the Teacher Dashboard to set up bespoke groups. Please note that if you purchase a large number of student places in a group pack then we may be able to set up bespoke groups for free. Please contact us for a tailored quote.

  1. Purchase the Bespoke Groups product
  2. After purchase, fill in this form which asks you for the name of each group (or class) and how many student places you would like in each (please keep an eye on your spam folder in case we try to contact you).
  3. After receiving your form we will set up your groups and email you to confirm. You can then add your students to each of your bespoke groups using the Teacher Dashboard.
  4. The ‘Activity Stream’ will continue to show ALL your students (it’s not possible to filter the stream) but you will be able to filter a snapshot of student progress by group (or class) in the ‘Student Reporting’ section.

What is included:

  • Each purchase includes the set up of a maximum of 20 groups or classes as detailed in the form you send back to us.
  • Once completed, we can accommodate minor changes to names of groups or classes but any major changes or the set up of extra classes will require purchasing another Bespoke Groups product.



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