Music theory, piano games and resources for music students, teachers and schools. Have fun while learning music! Many are free and playable online.

Discover activities from beginner up to grade 5 theory including note naming games. Create a monster in the lab while naming notes in the treble clef or watch out for the bananas in ‘Banana Slip Bass’!

Lots of resources for piano players including ‘Piano Monster Mission’ – a piano games pack for younger beginners. Ideal from the very first lesson, this fun online games pack works well alongside any tutor book. Includes finger numbers, the musical alphabet, simple note values and time signatures, beginner music signs and more.

Other theory topics include note and rest values, time signatures, tonic triads, intervals, cadences, transposition, musical terms and signs, clefs including treble, bass, alto and tenor, and much more.

Can you ‘Escape The House’ with your theory knowledge or work out ‘Who Stole My Doughnut’?

Music teachers will also find two player games ideal for use in lessons, plus the customisable Flashcard Fun pack which allows you to add the notes your student is learning to each game. Whether your student only knows three notes or ten, this pack injects a lot of fun into lessons!