Are you ready for a piano monster mission?!

Fun online activities and games for the beginner piano player

It is a great idea to put fun games and learning materials together so young students don’t get bored when they actually study music theory. Thank you for this wonderful theory games!

Music Teacher, USA
Learning can be effortless when you are having fun!
  • Fun games to play

    Over 60 games, quizzes and puzzles playable on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Can you tiptoe past the ‘Sleeping Dragons’ or create your own ‘Superhero’?

  • Complements any piano tutor book

    Reinforces those important first steps of learning the piano. Catch the falling ‘Autumn Leaves’ and practice piano key names – can you top the leaderboard?

  • 10 beginner piano topics

    Practice finger numbers, piano key names, simple time signatures and more. Do you know your note values well enough to send your teacher to a desert island?

  • Complete the monster mission

    There are monster codes to unlock in every game and badges to collect. Complete the mission to earn your printable certificate, quest badge and points!

Piano Students

Unlock the monster codes!
Access for 8 months

Music Teachers

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Access for 8 months

Motivate and inspire beginners with 21st century learning!

The children are both really enjoying the online games - I think it helps that they can spur each other on

Parent, UK
Discover ten piano topics including finger numbers, piano keys, simple note values and time signatures, hands and clefs, treble and bass notes, musical signs and more. There is a monster in charge of each topic and he (or she!) won’t let you collect their badge until you have unlocked the monster codes in each game. Explore all kinds of activities including puzzles, quizzes and game – and even some on-screen drawing tasks! Can you complete the monster mission?