Are you a 'Note Genius'?

Unlock the genius codes and move up the levels

in this fun online pack based on treble clef notes

The fun way to learn

Suitable for all ages and playable on your phone, tablet or PC, this music pack is full of treble note naming quizzes

Crack all the codes

Each quiz has a genius code to unlock and you will need to solve all the codes to move up to the next level!

Move up the levels

Each level gets progressively harder. Start off by practising notes in the spaces of the stave and move up to racing against the clock!

Follow the quest

Unlock badges and points for each level and earn a certificate and quest badge for finishing completely

What is a 'Genius Code'?

Complete the quest and improve your note reading

Each genius code is made up of a set of notes to name - so a sneaky way to get in extra practice! Enter the code correctly and not only does your points total go up, but you might even make it onto the main site leaderboard. I've found my students have become very competitive trying to reach the top and they love it when they unlock the next level and a genius badge!

Susan, Music Teacher and creator of this site
What notes does it cover?

Note Genius covers the notes on the five lines and four spaces of the stave and uses all kinds of quizzes to test your knowledge! You might find yourself drawing on the screen (using online crayons) or playing a light-hearted card game. Some quizzes even have a mini leaderboard for a bit of competitive fun! (but you can remain anonymous if you prefer) and the final level is against the clock to really test your note reading skills!

Access to Note Genius is for eight months so plenty of time to try and earn your certificate and complete the quest. You can play the quizzes as much as you like but be careful – you only get 3 chances to enter the genius code correctly in each quiz. Available as a student pack – or if you are a music teacher, register for a free teacher account to get access to a special discount for adding 5 or more of your own students.