NEW! Codebreaker 5

I am delighted to introduce Codebreaker 5 – the fun way to test your grade 5 theory knowledge! To celebrate the launch I am running a giveaway on Twitter this weekend so visit me @learnatune to find out more.

This music pack is full of quizzes on topics like intervals, chords, cadences, scales and more. Pass each quiz to reveal a clue to a code. All the codes are musical terms so a great way to learn them!

Going green is good! Easily see your progress as you work through the pack and how many quizzes you have completed. If it turns green you have unlocked the code in that quiz.

There are levels to work through but you can move around the levels in any order you like, making it ideal for revision.

As well as student packs, Codebreaker is also available for music teachers. Set up a free teacher account, create groups for any pack on this site including Codebreaker (there is a free theory pack too), and view student progress as they unlock codes.

Please visit here to purchase and here to view the terms and conditions of the giveaway. The pack is on special offer with a huge discount up to the theory exams in just over a weeks time.

I hope you enjoy using the pack!



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