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Follow the musical clues to find your way to the music shop in ‘City Trip’ – just don’t run out of fuel!

This website is full of fun packs of music theory games and the FREE pack includes a selection at different levels from beginner upwards. Sign up for a free student or teacher account below (teachers can add their own students and view a snapshot of progress) and play games like ‘Who Stole My Doughnut!’ or ‘Escape The House‘.

Music theory topics and more

Picture the scene … it’s a cold dark night and you enter an abandoned house to keep warm. As you open the door to the kitchen you realise the room has been booby trapped … with chocolate custard bombs! The only way to diffuse them is with your treble clef skills.

Play games like this and practice topics such as time signatures, intervals, note values, treble and bass clef notes, and much more. There are even some scale activities to make learning fun!

Music teachers who create a teacher account can set up groups of their own students in any music pack (including the free one) and view a snapshot of progress and activity.

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There is now a fantastic new website that breaks down theory into fun games and you’ll end up learning without even realising!

Wow! This website looks amazing!!! … Many thanks again for your help and for putting together such an amazing teaching resource!

When we played a few games on the website in class they all asked for access to it! Year 2 were absolutely spellbound on the ‘Who stole my donut’ game