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He loves the site ... He was so excited ... Was able to introduce new concepts in this game today to him. He was fully engaged

Music Teacher

Who Stole Simon's doughnut?

  • Music Theory Games

    Play theory games from beginner to grade 5 level. Can you work out who stole Simon’s doughnut or ‘Escape The House’?

  • Earn Points and Learn!

    Your points total gives you a ranking and these are all musical Italian terms (e.g. andante, lento etc). The higher your points the faster the word!

  • Scales the fun way!

    Spin the wheel or hitch a lift off Planet Scales with a friendly alien! There are scale flip cards to practice your scales plus a Scale Spinner where you can input your own scales.

  • Music Quizzes

    Answer questions on theory topics like time signatures, note values and more – or try the free grade one aural quizzes

  • Draw On-Screen

    Some of the activities let you draw on screen and even print out your artwork. Colour in the sailing ships and learn about dynamic signs or create a colourful camper van!

  • Beat the Teacher!

    Take on your teacher, friend or parent! Play ‘Mean or Nice Bingo’, draw musical signs for the other player in ‘Draw It’, or even blow up your teacher’s ship in ‘Pirate Treasure’.

The Scales section helps me organise my practice more effectively.

Music Student

3 piano kids buzzing about using interactive games for their music theory. 2 sisters were very excited and want to compete!! Thanks @learnatune

Music Teacher