Helping music teachers make lessons fun!

A free music teacher account gives you access to the Teacher Dashboard where you can create a group in a music pack (at discounted prices) and add your own students. Each student is automatically sent log-in details and your activity stream will reveal a snapshot of their progress and activity as they play games, unlock musical codes and pass quizzes.

I am terribly impressed with your web-based games and the high-quality graphics that are compelling for the kids.  I have recommended your studio package in some of the piano teacher forums that I am in.

As well as games for students to play by themselves, we have lots of ‘studio’ games which are ideal for music lessons. Many are customisable to allow the teacher to adjust the game to the individual student. Check out packs available in the music shop – or become a ‘Studio Teacher’ and get discounted access to a selection!

“Your website looks brilliant. Just the way that my pupils would engage with”

Do you teach any budding musical detectives? Check out our mystery adventure packs like ‘Who Ate My Cake’ and ‘Mystery of the Lost Diamond’ where students search for clues in the printable sheet music and accompanying online games. Or play the ‘Mystery of the Blue Raven‘ to practice grade one level theory. All these are available for students to purchase in the shop – or set up your own teaching group in the Teacher Dashboard.