Who Ate My Cake?

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Hello and welcome to ‘Who Ate My Cake?’

Learn the pieces, search for clues and find the thief in this interactive musical mystery! Click here to download and print your music book and then visit part one below to start your detective work …

There has been a crime! The King left the castle to visit the headteacher of a local school and when he returned someone had stolen his favourite cake. Follow the musical clues to work out who did it and solve the case.

This music pack is for the use of ONE student – if you are a music teacher please visit the Teacher Dashboard to set up a Teaching Group around this pack (at a discount) and add your own students to view a snapshot of progress and activity.

Click here to download and print your case files to help you solve the mystery!

  • Search the three parts of the castle for clues to rule out the suspects one by one.
  • When you come across a sheet music clue, learn the piece associated with the clue and then work out the musical code using the instructions at the bottom of the page. Then visit the castle to unlock the code.
  • Keep track of your investigation using the 'Case Files' sheet.
  • When you are left with only one suspect you will have worked out who ate the cake! Visit 'Solve the Mystery' to type the thief's name in the box. This will unlock a certificate which can be downloaded from this page.

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