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Hello , help Max the musical detective find the mashed potato eater in Monster Town! But before you start, print out the ‘Monster Mash’ case files to find out how to solve the mystery. Please note that it is strictly one user or student for each pack purchase – if you are a teacher wishing to use this with your students check out the ‘Studio’ version.

Click here to download and print your case files to help you solve the mystery!

  • Max has narrowed down the mashed potato thief to six monsters.
  • Rule each monster out one by one as you play the games in this music pack.
  • Pick up clues in each section to the monster's favourite food. When you have worked out the food name, type it in the box to reveal a monster's name. Then rule out this monster on your 'Case Files' sheet.
  • When left with only one monster you will have found the mashed potato thief! Visit 'Solve the Mystery' and type their name in the box. This will unlock a certificate for you to download and print (a button will appear on this page).

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