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Hello and welcome to this studio pack with games to help consolidate everything the young beginner pianist learns with you. This pack complements most method books and includes topics (many customisable) like finger numbers, simple note values, piano key names and more.

This versatile music pack for teachers can be used alongside any piano tutor book (check out the Monster Mash mystery for games students can play at home). Most of the games allow the teacher to set questions to suit the individual student.

Set questions on finger numbers, musical alphabet, names of the white piano keys, time signatures, time values, musical signs and notation on the grand staff.

  • All the games in this music pack are perfect for in person lessons and (apart from ‘Train Station’ and ‘Emoji Lab’) will also work well in an online lesson (great if using a screen share feature in a platform like Zoom). These games are marked with a *
  • Download the leaderboard template to create a sense of community fun with your online students and get them competing for the highest score in ‘Fairground’, ‘March of the Ants’ and ‘Starfish’.
  • Find out more about becoming a Studio Teacher here.

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