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Hello and welcome to this studio pack with customisable beginner reading games (those marked with a * work well in online lessons). Includes optional leaderboards for your own studio downloadable here.

  • All the games in this music pack are perfect for in person lessons.
  • However, those marked with a * will work well in an online lesson (great if using a screen share feature in a platform like Zoom).
  • Most of the games have five draggable notes to put in any position on the stave. This way you can tailor them to suit each individual student - great for those who only know a couple of notes all the way up to those who have covered the whole stave!
  • Some games also include sharp, flat and natural signs to drag too (plus extra semibreves if you wish to make chords).
  • The semibreves in each game are intended to be played in free time so students can focus on note reading, but the final two games also include some simple time signatures and rhythms
  • Download the leaderboard template to create a sense of community fun with your online students! (see mine in action)
  • Download the bonus companion sight-reading book for students who are ready for harder exercises.
  • Find out more about becoming a Studio Teacher here.

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