Mystery of The Blue Raven

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Hello and welcome to this music mystery. Use your musical detective skills to solve the case by following the clues and unlocking evidence in the written theory worksheets. Please note that it is strictly one user or student for each pack purchase – if you wish to use this pack with multiple students, please visit the Teacher Dashboard to set up a discounted Teaching Group.

To solve this mystery you will need ...

  • to print out your Case Files 
  • a pencil and crayons to complete the theory worksheets
  • your phone, tablet or computer to play the game

How to play ...

  • to solve the mystery you are looking for the criminal mastermind
  • and also what the 'Blue Raven' actually is

Play one chapter at a time in order ...

  • clues are hidden both in the online game and the accompanying theory worksheets
  • cross out suspects on your Case Files sheet as clues are revealed
  • this will eventually lead you to the criminal mastermind
  • you might also want to make notes as you find evidence (but careful - some 'clues' are red herrings!)
  • after the final chapter you should be left with one suspect so head to 'Solve the Mystery' and see if your detective skills can close the case!

Some final tips for music teachers ...

  • we recommend completing the worksheet associated with the chapter first, before exploring that part of the school (but it will also work the other way too)
  • teachers might wish to teach the topic first before starting a chapter
  • please note that it is strictly one user or student for each pack purchase - if you wish to use this pack with multiple students, please visit the Teacher Dashboard to set up a discounted teaching group

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