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Hello and welcome to this ‘studio’ pack for music teachers

This ‘studio’ pack is ideal for music lessons and most of the flashcard style games give the teacher choice! Great for all kinds of music theory including note naming, interval reading, musical sign practice and more – simply drag the notes up or down the stave into position or use the on-screen scribble pad. Download the printable leaderboard template (see my leaderboards in action) and set up a fun competition in your own music studio! Find out more about becoming a Studio Teacher here.

  • All the games in this music pack are perfect for both in person lessons and online lessons (great if using a screen share feature in a platform like Zoom - the teacher controls the game on their end and all students need to do is say which card they would like you to pick.).
  • Download the leaderboard template to create a sense of community fun with your online students!

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