Flashcard Fun (Notes)

Hello ! This is a versatile set of flashcard style games and resources where the teacher has complete choice in how to use them and also (in many cases) which notes to use. Play the notes, name them or anything you wish!

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1. Games (choose your notes)

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This collection of games lets you add any notes of your choice - so they are completely customisable to the notes your students currently knows. Can you creep past the Sleepy Robots or reclaim your treasure from Pharaoh Fred?

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2. Games (notes already added)

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Sets of note flashcards as games with the notes already added. Use them any way you wish (play or name - it's up to you!). Choose from treble or bass clefs and all notes are on the lines and spaces of the stave.

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3. Plain Flashcards

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This section includes some traditional flashcards plus some plain cards for older students or those who don't want to play a game. The 'Notes Dragger' lets you move a pair of notes up and down the stave (useful for interval reading) or use 'Choose 3 Notes' if you want to focus on only three notes.

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4. Create Your Own Leaderboards


A downloadable leaderboard template to motivate your students further!

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