Music Packs

Check out some of the music packs available on this site below. The FREE pack gives you continual access, and all paid packs 12 months from date of purchase. Most packs have musical codes to unlock and there are badges and points to pick up along the way (you have three chances to put in the correct code for each quiz or game!)

Music teachers please click here if you would like to create teaching groups to add your own students

FREE Music Pack


  • FREE Music theory quizzes, games, scale practice tools and more
  • Can you ‘Escape the House’ or work out who stole Simon’s doughnut?!

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Note Genius (Treble)


  • Practice treble notes by unlocking genius codes and moving up levels!
  • Notes in all lines and spaces of the stave (from low E up to high F)
  • Find out more

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Codebreaker 5


  • Grade 5 theory practice
  • Unlock the codes (and learn your musical terms at the same time!)
  • Topics include intervals, chords, cadences, scales and more

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Piano Monster Mission


  • Fun music theory games for the beginner pianist (up to age 11)
  • Complete the monster mission!
  • Find out more

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Music Multiplayer


  • A pack of 16 music theory games for two players (some suitable for team play)
  • Beginner level
  • Topics include note values, time signatures, treble and bass note naming, and beginner music theory signs

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Music Teacher Packs


  • Add your own students and view activity and a snapshot of their progress
  • Add students to the free pack or any paid pack
  • Discounts for adding students to paid packs

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