Music games for teachers and students

Mystery Adventures

Each pack purchase is for ONE user only (except ‘Studio’ packs towards the bottom of this page). Please find out more about music packs here. If you are a music teacher visit the free Teacher Dashboard to set up a Teaching Group centred around a music pack, add your own students and view a snapshot of progress/activity

Theory Challenge Packs

‘Studio Packs’ for teachers in lessons

Downloadable Resources

Check out Susan’s downloadable games and resources (some are FREE!) available in both Tim Topham’s marketplace for teachers and also Teachers Pay Teachers. There is a free piano poster and practice colouring chart as well as a studio incentive program called Tempo Galaxy and printable board games like Sneaky Bear Bingo.

Each pack purchase is for ONE user only (the only exception is ‘Studio’ packs which are designed for one teacher to use in lessons with any of their own students). Teachers can, however, set up a teaching group around a music pack by signing up for a free teacher account. Setting up a group in this way allows their students to access the games in a pack while the teacher can view a snapshot of progress.

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