Feedback from happy teachers and students

These games are invaluable. With lockdown going on, I don’t know how I would have managed without them!!

Wow! This website looks amazing!!! … Many thanks again for your help and for putting together such an amazing teaching resource!

I have been using the resources on Study for Five in my studio for several months now, and my students absolutely love these games! I use them on a daily basis and they’re a fantastic resource for getting children excited about the nuts and bolts of music. I cannot recommend this site highly enough. Ben

I just finished two online lessons with five year olds. The games were gold! They loved them and were super engaged.

When we played a few games on the website in class they all asked for access to it! Year 2 were absolutely spellbound on the ‘Who stole my donut’ game.

Fantastic website for grade five theory students

I just love your website! I use it with all my online students. Thank you!

This website is absolutely fantastic! It has everything for my students from beginner to GCSE. The games are brilliant!

Just played some of your theory games with my 6 year old – great fun!

The children love playing the games in lessons! The pirate game is one of the most loved ones (two player)

3 piano kids buzzing about using interactive games for their music theory. 2 sisters were very excited and want to compete!! Thanks @learnatune

I am terribly impressed with your web-based games and the high-quality graphics that are compelling for the kids.  I have recommended your studio package in some of the piano teacher forums that I am in.

I tried your studyforfive theory website today with my 6yo pupil who got to solve the stolen donut mystery. He loves the site … He was so excited … Was able to introduce new concepts in this game today to him. He was fully engaged

By far my favorite is studyforfive. This completely transformed my studio. The only problem is that it set the bar so high that whenever I try to bring in games from other websites to my students, now they think everything else is boring!

I really love and appreciate your games – they are a fantastic aid to my teaching

LOVE your ideas and look forward to sharing with my students

Your games are great and will bring back a fun element to zoom piano lessons! 

I loveeee this website, it is amazing!!!

This site has helped me lots. Thanks!

Really good games, very useful

So many fun ideas. Thanks

Just tried your note naming games and really enjoyed it

Your online games are invaluable to me thank you so much

All my students are now thoroughly addicted! The games are fantastic!

Thank you so much for – it’s fab!

I am a piano teacher and absolutely loving the games on this website!

I’ve only just started playing the games and my pupils love them (and so do I!) I am looking forward to exploring more that is on the site

There is now a fantastic new website that breaks down theory into fun games and you’ll end up learning without even realising!

Just wanted to say how helpful my daughter found this site for revision in her lead up to her Grade 5 music theory exam. Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you

You are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing

I absolutely love the programme and it is ideal for my students! As times are changing and technology, so should our teaching! So this programme and app is perfect for students today! They learn and have fun by means they know!

Thank you for the welcome and for the amazing resource you have created. I am excited to try it with my students this year.

Love your grade 5 theory games!

Your website looks brilliant. Just the way that my pupils would engage with

Comments from Susan’s students

Your patience, encouragement and teaching has taken me from first trying to get a note out of a saxophone, through all the grades, including music theory to a diploma! You have been so lovely to have as a teacher. I genuinely appreciate you. Your help with my compositions also meant a lot! I think where you have musically got me to is a big achievement and I will miss my lessons. You only ever had a smile and warm words to offer and I will remember that if I ever go into teaching myself

Thanks so much for your excellent advice that enabled me to get a distinction in my DipABRSM. I still can’t believe it!

Thank you for showing me my love for music and always making my Mondays with your enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you for always believing in me and showing me how much music can be a means of expression. Whenever I think of our lessons it brings a smile to my face

Thank you so much for your support over the years and for getting me to grade 8. You are a brilliant teacher and I really do love the flute and will continue to play it so THANK YOU! And don’t miss me too much

Thank you for being an awesome teacher this year!

Thank you so much for our lessons this year. I love them so much!

Thank you for teaching me the piano. I love every minute of it. You opened a door for me four years ago, and inside was joy

Thank you for all the help and support over the last few years. I have enjoyed my time with you and have had a lot of good times through music. I hope to continue playing my flute in the future. Thanks again

Thanks for all the help and encouragement you give me and will continue to give

Thank you very much for another year of piano lessons (I can’t believe it is 3 years). I just love every minute of the lessons and of course the practice at home

Thank you very much for taking me on as a student. I can’t believe one year has passed, it has been wonderful for me

Thank you so much for everything over the years! Can’t believe its been 11 years since you became my teacher. Time flies when you have fun! I have enjoyed every part of my lessons

Thank you for your patience throughout the year

Thanks very much for all you have done for me! You’ve been a great teacher – couldn’t have come so far without you!

Thanks for all your excellent advice which resulted in my distinction at grade 8. I haven’t come back to earth yet!

Thank you very much for all the help and support you’ve given me over the last 9 years (I think it’s about that!). The flute is now part of my normal life – something I couldn’t have achieved on my own

Thank you EVER so much for teaching me over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, especially our ‘jammin’ sessions! I’m sure it’s a skill that will stay with me for years to come. Thanks again!

Thank you for teaching me over the past 7/8 years and getting me to grade 8 in two instruments!

Thank you so much for all your help and patience over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and hope that we can keep in touch and maybe try the odd jazz duet once in a while!