Where can I find my music packs?

All the music packs you have registered for can be found in the profile box on ‘My Homepage‘. Alternatively, use the top menu bar to navigate to the pack you want to open.

You can also add a new pack here, or if you are a music teacher and would like to add your own students to the site and view their activity, please visit here.

Learn about achievements

Earn points for passing quizzes and more. Your points total gives you a ranking and all ranks are musical tempo (speed) words. The higher the points total, the faster the word! You can view your ranking and points total in the box on the right-hand side of most pages.

Earn badges for activity on the site. Your points total also puts you on the site leaderboard – click here to see if you are at the top!

Edit your profile and account details

It is possible to edit your profile, including password, email address and how you would like your name to appear publicly in any comments you make or on the site leaderboard. Please note that it is not possible to change your username.

Tracking progress

Each music pack shows your progress and codes you have unlocked and you can also see how much of a pack you have completed by clicking on ‘Expand All’ (blue button just above the profile box) on My Homepage. Some of the games also have individual leaderboards.

Music teachers can view their students’ activity if they have a teacher account.

Your privacy

Your privacy is important and as such we only ask for your name and email address upon sign-up. Please read our privacy policy here but be assured that your details are never passed on to anyone else except where legally required. Please see our terms and conditions for more details

If your teacher has added you to the site, they may be able to view your individual quiz scores but otherwise these scores are private to your own account. Publicly the only information that may appear is on the site leaderboard (which includes your username, points total, ranking and unlocked badges) and your username on any comments you might make.

The profile page allows you to request a copy of the data we hold about you and also delete your account.

What is a group?

You will have automatically been added to a group if your own music teacher signed you up to the site. A group consists of students taught by one particular teacher and allows the teacher to see the activity and quiz scores of anyone in their group.

Our policies

In common with most other educational sites, we have Terms and Conditions which you review upon sign-up. We also have a Privacy Policy and ask music teachers to adhere to a Teacher Code.