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What do other music teachers say …

Wow! This website looks amazing!!! … Many thanks again for your help and for putting together such an amazing teaching resource!

There is now a fantastic new website that breaks down theory into fun games and you’ll end up learning without even realising!

When we played a few games on the website in class they all asked for access to it! Year 2 were absolutely spellbound on the ‘Who stole my donut’ game”

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Lesson Fun
Lesson Fun

Whether students know 2 or even 10 notes, music teachers can drag the notes into any position. Play games like ‘Don’t Wake Lenny’!


Complete the Notecracker challenge and practice treble note naming with games like ‘Piranha Peril’ and ‘Flappy Benny the Bat’


Ideal for one-to-one lessons (some great in a classroom setting) play beginner theory games like ‘Secret Letter’ or ‘Dinghy Duel’