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Three piano kids buzzing about using interactive games for their music theory. Two sisters were very excited and want to compete!! Thanks @learnatune
Private Music Teacher
When we played a few games on the website in class they all asked for access to it! Year 2 were absolutely spellbound on the 'Who stole my donut' game.
Ms Gunn from St. Gabriel’s School

There are over 100 completely FREE music resources on this website! Take beginner to grade 5 theory games and quizzes, or check out the two player games so you can take on your music teacher, parent or friend! Looking for a fun way to practice your scales? Try Spin The Wheel (includes a blank wheel for you to create your own!) and scale games like Planet Scales where you can hitch a lift with a friendly alien. There is even a Rhythm Lotto Machine which generates rhythms or Musical Taskmaster with scratchcards for practice at home.

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Just wanted to say how helpful my daughter found this site for revision in her lead up to her Grade 5 music theory exam. Will definitely recommend to others.
Parent on Susan Leigh’s resources
Your website looks brilliant. Just the way that my pupils would engage with
Music teacher on Susan Leigh’s resources
He loves the site ... He was so excited ... Was able to introduce new concepts in this game today to him. He was fully engaged
Music teacher on Susan Leigh’s resources
Thank you so much for - it's fab!
Music teacher on Susan Leigh’s resources

This site has been created by Susan Leigh MA LRSM LLCM, a music teacher of over 20 years experience who currently has a thriving music teaching practice in the UK as well as working as an instrumental teacher in a local independent school. To find out more about Susan’s teaching and also the story behind this music website, please click here.