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Discover music theory resources, games, quizzes and more (many free!)
Solve the musical clues to ‘Escape The House’, work out ‘Who Stole Simon’s Doughnut’, or try not to get fired in the ‘Pizza Takeaway’. Unlock badges and points along the way and try to earn the top musical ranking of ‘Presto Possible’! Topics include time signatures, intervals, treble and bass notes, note values and much more.
Music teachers can sign up for a free teacher account and add their own students. View a snapshot of activity and progress in the teacher dashboard and increase motivation and enjoyment!
Music students can sign up to play lots of free theory games like ‘Asteroid Dodger’ or ‘Monster Lab’ or try to crack the musical codes in packs like ‘Note Genius’ or ‘Codebreaker 5’

‘When we played a few games on the website in class they all asked for access to it! Year 2 were absolutely spellbound on the ‘Who stole my doughnut’ game’.

Ms Gunn from St. Gabriel’s School
This site has been created by Susan Leigh MA LRSM LLCM FISM who loves making music fun for her own students. Susan runs a thriving teaching practice in the UK as well as working in an independent school and teaches students of all ages including a large proportion of adult learners. Susan has taught students from beginner to diploma level and also enjoys providing mentoring for the DipABRSM Teaching Diploma either in person or via a distance learning package on this site. Please find out more about music lessons here.